Let's Create Art Together...

Your Vision + My Experience/Equipment = Day of Fun Making Art!

Projection Art...

Let’s create some art together…what’s your vision?

Let’s paint your body with any object using my digital projector.

So, what do you want to project on your body?

Portfolios...coming soon.

Let’s create some art together…seriously. 🙂

Let's Collaborate...

It’s all about feeling comfortable living your dream while making art.

I’m available for commercial
photo/music-video/motion-picture projects.

If your project involves
capturing a your natural beauty
in an artistic, sensual fashion, feel free to contact me.

Personal, motivational, or inspirational
milestone projects with an atmospheric feel are also considered.



Limitless Options

Don’t delay.  Let’s meet, so then you’ll have a goal to shoot for…literally!

Limitless Options


Newport Beach's Kean Coffee is a nice place to meet.  Email me, and let's set up a time to meet there...don't forget to bring samples so we can brainstorm ways to shoot it better! 

BTW, This is NOT Photoshopped!...it's another sample of projection art.

You pick the object, and we'll paint your body with it using my digital projector...you're limited only by your imagination!

Phone :

(714) 342-3020

Email :


Address :

2973 Harbor Blvd. #314, Costa Mesa, CA