The Difference...

Unlike hiring a photographer, when you commission Ed to collaborate with you on your
sensual art project,
you are buying his trust. well as his decades of
shooting experience, of course.

Privacy Guarantee

Before shooting, you and Ed sign a
Privacy Guarantee
ensuring that nothing will ever be shown or sold.


Ed realizes that beautiful, sensual art
only happens when you're

Your artwork will be a collaboration between:
you, the performing artist, and
Ed, the recording artist.

You will always remain in control of what happens
during your shoot.

...this is total Peace of Mind.

Ed's Ultimate Goal:

To show you how beautiful you are being sexy
using the best cameras, lenses, filters,
software manipulation, and LED lighting
available today.

But he can't do it alone.

Email Ed.

Please Note:
The images you see online
have been released by the models.

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