I’m Ed...

I’ve always specialized in shooting women’s beautiful bodies.

Then, I literally died while shooting.
15 Years Ago on New Year’s Eve at 4:32 pm
While moving a dirt bike in between shots with a model for a magazine client, a drunk driver hit me.  I saw The Other Side for “38 minutes to an hour” according to CARE Ambulance.  Yes, I have vivid memories...it’s awesome.  

I grew up racing motorcycles, and just last month, I finally got back into riding again. Riding again means I’m shooting again, too…finally.  

So, let’s create valuable art that you can sell.

With today’s uncertainty taking its toll
– from “safe spaces” to  bank balances –  we’ll
shoot from at least 6-feet away!...it’ll be fun.

Your sponsors pay your sitting fees in return for space in your viral .gif animations, videos, or framed artwork…you decide.  18-month calendars sell year-round.

Galleries of proofs are posted online within 24 hours after the final shot is captured.  

Our Agreements help you negotiate what is covered (literally) in the imagery, and it outlines expected social media coverage afterwards…simple.
We shoot outdoors, at your place, on location, or in the studio here in Costa Mesa, CA.  

Motorsports sponsors often have facilities to further promote their brand.

– Portable Equipment – Cameras/Lighting/Drones
Shoot what you want, how you want…

Details: 714. 342 . 3020 | Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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- Great Chemistry - 
If we’re having fun…it shows.